New generation 3D holographic display solution

3D Holographic System

HYPERVSN is an all-in-one 3D holographic display solution, where cutting-edge hardware is powered by proprietary CMS software


The HYPERVSN holographic display a four-ray rotor that spins fast at a speed of 670 RPM. Your eyes won’t see any rays though, only your stunning 3D content floating in mid-air.


HYPERVSN proprietary CMS software enables easy and secure control of HYPERVSN displays, creation, upload and management of 3D content.

HYPERVSN Solo in Two Sizes

A 3D hologram – 22″ and 30″- equally well-seen
in daylight and in dark

Solo M:
  • Holographic image size: up to 56 cm (22”)
  • Image resolution: 880 px
Solo L:
  • Holographic image size: up to 75 cm (30”)
  • Image resolution: 1080 px
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